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Welcome to my online library of videos to support your Pilates journey at home!

With regular practice, Pilates is truly transformative for the body at any stage but particularly as you move through your peri-menopause and menopausal years. Here you’ll find classes of different lengths; some for beginners, others for more seasoned Pilates lovers; you’ll find classes at a steady pace and others that’ll make you feel the burn! You’ll find classes specifically for osteopenia or osteoporosis and specifically for those in need of restorative rest. You’ll find videos that help ease tight necks or aching shoulders. You’ll also find 5-minute ab workouts or 5-minutes glute burn sessions! Or perhaps you’d join me in a typical 60-minute mat class at level that suits you? All my classes are based on repetition of low-impact, strength-building and muscle-balancing moves, with attention to good form and breath awareness! My client loyalty and testimonials speak for themselves!

For only €10 per month, you get unlimited access to my growing library. New content added all the time. Working with me online can help you start or continue your practice of Pilates in your own space in your own time.

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