Stay home! Keep calm and do Pilates

Join from comfort of home! Find space for mat and follow clear cues to flex, extend, stretch and strengthen in the Pilates way. Still vibes and energy of group mat class, but at home!  Keep moving and pumping blood through your beautiful body!

Tuesdays at 7pm: Back care basics/’Buff Bones’

Wednesdays at 8am: Essential / intermediate

Wednesdays at 7pm: Intermediate

Fridays at 8am: Essential / intermediate

Pilates is famous for giving an all-over balanced body workout. Work hard and smart according to the pilates method; avoid injury by easing off if it doesn’t suit you. Modifications offered to make easier or more challenging! Numbers are capped. You need Zoom software on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Private Pilates: new studio

I’m settling into gorgeous studio space at Lagganstown Schoolhouse with reformers, tower, ladder barrel and arc barrels, plus the smaller props. I look forward to welcoming you there for privates and groups of four not long after we move into Phase Four of national guidelines on easing Covid19 restrictions

My goal is to help people keep strong and mobile; I want to let people with back pain know something CAN be done! Maybe I cannot ease your pain immediately or eliminate it for good, but I have the tools and knowledge to address the root causes. You can feel better, decrease your chance of injury and feel empowered in your own body. Muscle imbalances mean some muscles might be overworking while others aren’t doing their jobs. Maybe your deep stabilising muscles are not responding as they should to help support the lower back.  Perhaps your posture is poor – either based on habit/lifestyle, congenital issues like scoliosis or simply from chronic pain (being in pain can make you stand strangely ). Or maybe immobility somewhere in the spine is causing too much movement above or below.  Well-chosen Pilates exercises can help get the body moving better.

about Eimear Gallagher

Loves movement for health and well-being. Loves life, living, yoga and pilates! Certified in STOTT PILATES method for matwork and reformer, levels 1 & 2. Licensed BUFF BONES instructor. Learning every single day. Works hard to keep classes interesting and appropriate for participants. Classes are limited in size; modifications offered to suit each individual’s stability, strength and range of movement.

See Bio for more information.