Group classes – on hold!

New Pilates term started up great and then ….. wham, bam! …. all classes postponed until we can contain this virus!  Have been in touch with all clients re this directly.  This will not last forever, but social distancing is critical in not spreading virus even more widely.

Classes are an hour to unwind, while building strength and mobility. Your version of an exercise might not be the same as someone else’s and that is fine!  Pilates not a performance…. you work at a safe level that suits your own body under watchful eye of experienced STOTT PILATES-certified instructor, Eimear Gallagher

Attending a weekly class involves commitment and prioritising yourself, but pays dividends. You pay in advance for the term; however, if you miss a class, you can generally make it up at another class or venue within that term.

Note: you do not have to be fit or flexible to start Pilates, but you must not have any acute injury.

Flexibility, balance, strength ….and overall well-being

Breathe with awareness ~ stretch and move! Develop balance in your muscles and skeleton to keep you in relaxed, good posture. Pilates awareness ~ along with eating natural, non-processed foods, lots of green and colourful veggies, drinking lots of water and regular aerobic activity (brisk walking for 30 minutes each day) ~ will make you feel better.

Pilates is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and because of its therapeutic nature, it is excellent for rehab or for those whose movement is restricted by years of sitting and poor posture.

Private Pilates: new studio!

A dream coming true! I am moving my gear to a new lovely new studio – not in my home, thus more space!  More to come on this shortly (painting and tidying up and other stuff going on first).

Private Pilates is excellent for anyone with injuries or post-surgery, anyone starting pilates and anyone who just loves great movement!  Reformer or Tower offers more support (through spring-loaded ropes) than Pilates on the mat (where you are purely working your muscles against gravity); it also offers more balance and resistance challenge than the mat, if that is what you are looking for.

One-on-ones may be booked online (or in person), but duets must be arranged in person by email, text or mobile! Limited evenings slots, plenty of daytime availability.

about Eimear Gallagher

Loves movement for health and well-being. Loves life, living, yoga and pilates! Certified in STOTT PILATES method for matwork and reformer, levels 1 & 2. Licensed BUFF BONES instructor. Learning every single day. Works hard to keep classes interesting and appropriate for participants. Classes are limited in size; modifications offered to suit each individual’s stability, strength and range of movement.

See Bio for more information.