Studio re-opens!

Join me in person for a Pilates session at Lagganstown Schoolhouse…. excited to open again for a few weeks before Christmas! I invite you to snatch some ‘me time’ to release and feel better!

Gift the joy of movement!

The perfect Christmas gift for your loved one… a Gift Voucher to use for private Pilates at Lagganstown Schoolhouse studio. Contact me for details! Will be available online.

Pilates on line – breathe, align, loosen-up!

Mindful movement is more important than ever in these strange times of social isolation. Release and strengthen with Pilates online to get you through December ….  schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesdays at 9.45am – Intermediate Level
  • Wednesdays at 6.30pm – Essential Level
  • Wednesdays at 7.45pm – Intermediate Level

All classes MUST be booked online.  Easy to do, but call if any difficulty (086 8184218). You need to download Zoom app (free), place your device with a view to your mat and set aside a hour for movement to keep you strong, flexible and balanced.  If you need assistance with set up, come along 15 minutes before class starts!

What clients say:

“Pilates with Eimear has changed my quality of life .. my lower back pain has improved so much that I can say I am pain free .. Eimear is a fantastic teacher and I really enjoy her classes.”  – Diane F, Cashel  (October 2020)

Pilates has greatly added to my level of fitness and has hugely improved my core strength. My posture has improved immensely and my balance and joint mobility. I also find Pilates reduces stress and tension.  I look forward to my class each week.’ – Marion H, Golden (October 2020)

From the first class, I felt better coming out than I did going in. While anxious at first, the classes became less of what I looked like (bulges & wobbly bits!) and more about how I moved more fluidly & with greater ease. Things like fastening my seat belt, getting up from the floor, bending & lifting became easier with less effort & aches.  – Carmel D, Cashel (October 2020)

“ Such a dedicated teacher. Each class is conducted in a most professional way, relaxed atmosphere and I always feel refreshed and energised afterwards. Pilates has given me flexibility in my joints and freedom of movement, which is so important at any age”. – Mary G, Cashel (October 2020)

“I was advised some years ago to try Pilates classes to improve my bone strength.  Since I started doing Pilates with Eimear (in Source, Thurles at the time), my bone density has improved immensely and my risk of bone fracture is now no more than average person. My dexa scans have shown major improvements since starting classes. Eimear is a terrific teacher. Great at both explaining and demonstrating the different Pilates techniques. Marian K, Cashel (October 2020)

Reformer Pilates Studio

Lagganstown Schoolhouse is now a fully-equipped Pilates studio! Movement for rehab + prehab; getting to know your body and self-care :-)) Move with knowledge, fun and joy to discover internal strength and more mobility (no matter how seemingly small!)

By appointment, I welcome one-to-ones, duets and trios in beautiful space in old national school – using reformer, tower and range of smaller equipment – as suits. Duets are arranged in person, but you can book privates online.  I’m quite booked up, but please call me on 086 8184218 if interested and will put you on waitlist if we can’t find a time that works.

Pilates brings balance and strength 🤛🏻

about Eimear Gallagher

STOTT PILATES-certified in matwork and reformer, levels 1 & 2. STOTT PILATES  trained in Cadillac. See Bio for more information.

I help people keep mobile so they move with ease from a strong core; I work with all types of bodies: injured, post-joint replacement or perhaps seeking specific strength training. Maybe I cannot ease your pain immediately or eliminate it for good, but I have the tools and knowledge to address the root causes. You can feel better, decrease your chance of injury and feel empowered in your own body. Muscle imbalances mean some muscles might be overworking while others aren’t doing their jobs. Maybe your deep stabilising muscles are not responding as they should to help support the lower back.  Perhaps your posture is poor – either based on habit/lifestyle, congenital issues like scoliosis or simply from chronic pain (being in pain can make you stand strangely ). Or maybe immobility somewhere in the spine is causing too much movement above or below.  Well-chosen Pilates exercises can help get the body moving better.Works hard to keep classes interesting and appropriate for participants. Modifications offered to suit each individual’s stability, strength and range of movement.

Active aging classes focus on pilates bone-building exercises, helping with many others conditions that are inevitably part of maturing process!