Reformer + mat classes finish mid-June. Taking a break for few weeks.

Pop-up classes over summer. Open to privates / duets – by arrangement.

wednesdays: group mat in Cashel

  • 9.45am: Mixed level mat class
  • 11am: Pilates for balance + bone health

In Cashel Lodge on Wednesday mornings from Sept to early June. Sociable as much as a great workout.

Why do I have to pay for the full term? Classes are of higher quality when people commit to a full term. It allows for class progression each week building on themes, advancing knowledge and developing a deeper understanding.

It allows me to get to know class participants, understand individual needs and provide appropriate exercises.

Committing to a course of classes also promotes regular attendance – which is how you notice results!

in studio: semi-privates on equipment

Convenient to Cahir, Cashel, Bansha and Tipp town, Lagganstown Schoolhouse is small Pilates studio, equipped with new, high-quality reformers.

From Sept to early June, I run small group reformer classes (max. four), in which we also make use of floor / walls and other studio props.

The reformer either assists or makes an exercise more challenging. In matwork, you are using body weight against gravity, while on the reformer you have gravity along with both resistance and support of the springs.

Mon @ 9.45am, 11.15am, 6.30pm + 7.45pm

Tues @ 9.45am, 11.15am, 5.15pm, 6.30pm

Fri @ 9.45am, 11.15am

practice with me at home

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If you commit to class with me, but miss one due to sickness, work or hols, make-up options available.

can I do Pilates?

It is never too late to start Pilates – I have the knowledge and experience to get you going safely.

Pilates comes highly recommended by physios and GPs. A regular class that suits you will help you whatever stage of life you are at. You do not have to be flexible or thin to do Pilates and move well!


  • Build core strength, mobility and joint stability
  • Improve posture and breathing
  • Get better balance and co-ordination
  • Prevent injury or falls
  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Reduce stress and become more mindful


Eimear Gallagher

STOTT PILATES-certified in matwork and reformer, levels 1 & 2. STOTT PILATES  trained in Cadillac. See Bio for more information.

I teach people how to move with ease and stability from a strong core.

I work with all types of bodies, but specialise in lived-in, female bodies – like my own. I am interested in supporting women’s health through peri-menopause, menopause and beyond.

Complementing my ongoing STOTT PILATES education, I have done further training in women’s health matters, including bone health, pelvic floor health and issues that arise during peri-menopause and menopause.

I did my first Pilates training in my late 40s and have almost 14 years experience. Movement makes you feel better. It doesn’t have to be complicated; but you must add movement into your daily life – it is non-negotiable!

No more backaches!

I work online from home and, thanks to your classes, my posture, balance and strength have improved so much I can now work standing up for hours at a time, balancing on one leg too – and no more backaches. I’m so, so grateful. Thank you!

– Angela W.

Eimear is the glue that keeps my body moving.

Pilates with Eimear is the glue that keeps my body moving. I have hypermobile joints and I’m in constant pain if I don’t keep practicing her mat classes. Eimear is so lovely and friendly and patient with all of us in her classes too. I’ve made lovely friends from going to these classes.  Highly recommended.
– Pippa M.

My bone density has improved immensely.

I’ve been doing Eimear’s classes in-person and online for several years after I was advised to do Pilates to improve my bone strength.

She is a terrific, passionate teacher. She is so good at both explaining and demonstrating the different Pilates techniques. The classes are varied from week to week, with different exercises and props. My bone density has improved immensely and my consultant puts it down to my regular Pilates class. Whether for a medical reason or for fitness and flexibility, try classes with Eimear!

Marion K, Thurles

Such a dedicated teacher

“ Such a dedicated teacher. Each class is conducted in a most professional way, relaxed atmosphere and I always feel refreshed and energised afterwards. Pilates has given me flexibility in my joints and freedom of movement, which is so important at any age”.

Mary G, Cashel

I look forward to my class!

I look forward to my class! I found I was missing it after the week off.

Joanne McG - Dundrum

I look forward to my class each week.

Before I started Pilates, I would have thought myself quite fit as I do a lot of mountain walking. However, I have found the Pilates greatly adds to my level of fitness and has hugely improved my core strength. My posture has improved, along with my balance and joint mobility. I also find Pilates reduces stress and tension.


Marion H, Golden

Pilates with Eimear has changed my quality of life

Pilates with Eimear has changed my quality of life .. my lower back pain has improved so much that I can say I am pain free .. Eimear is a fantastic teacher and I really enjoy her classes.

Diane F, Cashel

Pilates has given me flexibility in my joints and freedom of movement…

Each class is conducted in a most professional way, in a relaxed atmosphere where I always feel refreshed and energised afterwards. Eimear always reminds us to listen to our bodies and move safely. Pilates has given me flexibility in my joints and freedom of movement – so important at any age.

Mary G, Cashel

I know that Pilates works for me.

I know that Pilates works for me, it is a continuing journey into better movement & one I hope to keep travelling on with Eimear for the foreseeable! Thank you for the great instruction, guidance & patience!

Carmel D, Cashel

Since taking up Pilates, I can kneel down, which alone makes many things possible!

I have suffered from chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 15 years. Before taking up Pilates, I could not kneel down. I had limited flexibility in my joints and found a lot of activities in life – not to mention day-to-day tasks – either difficult or impossible. Since taking up Pilates, I can kneel down, which alone makes many things possible. I have so much more flexibility and, to be honest, my outlook on life has completely improved. I don’t let my disease slow me down and I’m not worried about what the future will bring.

Still loving the classes, which can’t be said for a lot of things I’ve taken up over the years!