Pilates studio in old schoolhouse


Lagganstown Schoolhouse is now a fully-equipped Pilates studio! Instead of learning how to read, write and do your sums, you can chose to learn how to move well in the Pilates way. It’s a discipline, not a quick fix; it takes commitment.

We can all be beginners, at whatever age and wherever! Regular in-studio sessions – supported by practice at home – helps you discover strength and mobility. You prioritise yourself to come to a beautiful space, not far from New Inn, Golden, Bansha, Cahir or Cashel, for Pilates class. I support your journey with online learning resources.

One-to-ones or duets (friends or couples) count as Privates. Small groups of three or four on reformer count as Semi-privates. All taken up by existing clients, but please do get in touch to discuss your situation and I’ll put you on waitlist.

Why pay more for Private Pilates?

Private Pilates is fundamental movement to carry you through life! Pilates restores flexibility, strength, muscle balance, proprioception and overall fitness. 

If you are leaning forward all day to phone, laptop or over sink,  you need to learn how to lift from your root, to relax head, neck and upper body. If you suffer low back pain, you may need to re-educate your pelvis and surrounding muscles, for example. Neck problems – look to feet!

Muscle imbalances mean some muscles might be overworking while others aren’t doing their jobs. Maybe your deep stabilising muscles are not responding as they should to help support your lower back.  Perhaps your posture is poor – either based on habit/lifestyle, congenital issues (like scoliosis)or simply from chronic pain (being in pain can make you stand strangely ). Or maybe immobility somewhere in the spine is causing too much movement above or below.  Well-chosen Pilates exercises can help get your body moving better and feeling stronger.

What happens in a Private Pilates session?

Private Pilates is all about you. I observe your posture and movement patterns. Hear your story. I introduce you to the Pilates principles and how to feel them in your own body. I choose and teach you specific exercises that best suit your needs. Consistency is key; you should commit to five weeks at least. I also recommend movements that you should do in-between sessions.

If you have more questions check out FAQ, either call 086 8184218 or email me at