arm toning moves

Arms and upper body can be strengthened and toned through body weight work or using hand weights. N.B. You may, or may not, be able to bear your own body weight on your hands; if your wrists or hands are uncomfortable bearing weight, come down to your forearms!

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abs, hips + glutes

Pilates has a reputation for being all about the abs. Yes, the abs (or abdominals) are important for overall posture and skeletal support, but the ‘core’ is much more than the abs. It also includes the glutes (bum muscles), inner and outer thigh muscles and pelvic floor muscle group. I was therefore a bit reluctant

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full body workouts

In all of my classes, I aim to get your body moving in every plane and to work all the muscle groups – both fast and slow twitch muscles – so you have had a full body workout. This collection includes different types of classes – some delivered over Zoom and others higher-res. Class description

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bone-building + balance

Looking after bone strength and balance is essential as you age. Hormonal changes of perimenopause/menopause, dietary habits and sedentary lifestyle increase your risk of losing more bone cells than you are making from about 40 onwards. Risk increases as you move through your 50s and onwards. You mightn’t even be aware of bone density loss;

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neck + shoulder release

Pain in the neck and shoulders is a real risk for desk workers and anyone whose habits lead to a rounding forward of head and neck. The head being even a small bit forward creates tension and pull in surrounding muscles. Head placement and awareness of how the shoulders should move is critical to releasing

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