Soft Pilates ball (medium size)


If I had only one prop, it could well be this one! The soft ball supports and challenges your Pilates moves. Light and gently inflated, it brings focus to pelvic floor or neck exercises. It is also used under lower back for support or between knees, ankles or hands.

Placed under sacrum, the small ball supports your abdominal work. Between the knees or ankles, it helps with sensing the pelvic floor. Behind the upper back, you can open your heart. Simple but effective tool in the Pilates world!

This ball offers excellent grip; it is commercial quality, which means if it’s punctured, it deflates slowly so you have a gentle landing!

  • Non-slip and tactile training aid
  • Designed to assist in isolating and targeting specific muscles
  • Helps to improve strength, endurance, concentration and coordination