Foam roller, hard (90cm)


Foam rollers are one of my favourite props in Pilates. I use them with clients to release tight shoulders and upper bodies, in particular.

You can either use the roller for self-massage of any tight muscles or incorporate into your Pilates workout to enhance balance and body awareness, promote flexibility and dynamic strengthening.

N.B. When considering purchase, you chose between hard or soft foam roller.  It’s a personal choice ultimately. Hard rollers may be more suitable for bulkier bodies, while softer rollers may be more comfortable for bonier frames.


Excellent tool to enhance the Pilates experience. Foam rollers can be used balance and body awareness, promote muscular flexibility and provide dynamic strengthening.

Some people prefer the harder surface to work off. The harder foam roller allows one to sense spinal curves more than a soft roller does. It also facilitates a more active ‘rub out’ of muscle tightness.

  • Can be used everyday as part of your exercise regime
  • Improves circulation & reduces muscle soreness
  • Helps prevent injury

Product details:

  • Colour:  blue
  • Diameter 15cm x length  90cm
  • Weight:  0.8kg
  • Material:  PE Foam