Blue moon

I am feeling a bit sluggish and slow today. I thought I knew why but now I’m not so sure.

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I felt that I was suffering the ill-effects of too much food, wine and indulgence in general during my recent holiday break in beautiful Donegal. Hmmm, I swam and hiked a good bit, I even did a fair bit of pilates and yoga on the mat I expressly laid out in my spacious, bright bedroom – I really enjoy keeping focused on my health and well-being. I did lots of lovely stretches and energy work while I was away.

But this doesn’t appear to have been enough to counterbalance all those good things that one offers oneself on holidays. I mean, how good does a glass of white wine go down at lunchtime on holidays! Why not share another ice cream with your kids?! And yes, thanks, I’ll another sucky sweet to distract me on the 200 mile long drive home from Donegal to home.

Home again and I’m conclude that I am definitely suffering from post-holiday tiredness and over-indulgence. But then I see a post from my tai-chi friend Nadine Buttery:

“We are just after experiencing a big blue moon. What does this mean in our practice? It is a transitional time, moving from yang (creative, expansive energy to yin, quiet, nurturing energy); many of us can find this difficult. It might manifest in a sensation of struggle. You might feel you are not getting the job done, so to speak. To assist in our training, we need to embrace this time by practicing standing meditation, rooting, grounding and going more inward.
When we take note of the seasons and lunar cycles, our practice becomes more flowing. We are one with Tao. So today, rest and remind yourself of your support, in all the aspects of your life. Prepare for the next burst of yang. “

So that’s it! I am simply moving from yang to yin (for now!).

I am inclined to overthink and overmeasure when really what I need to do sometimes is just stop and be. And root and ground myself. YES!

Thanks Nadine.