Why do I teach pilates?

10478942_945769355448564_1071619806643703873_nFor me, pilates is about finding my sense of balance, flexibility and strength from my feet through my core, up through my shoulder girdle and out through my crown, along with – critically – learning how to relax and let your body be still, as you lie on your mat, fully supported by mother earth.

This time of year is all about booking classes for the autumn. To be honest, it’s always a time of questioning for me – while I am passionate about pilates and love teaching this wonderful movement discipline, I am not as keen on the admin/marketing side of things.

When I finally turn up to teach a class of people who have found me or with whom I have reconnected, you see only the tip of the iceberg.

A lot of work goes into getting a group together. There are trips to put up posters; the next day, your poster has been taken down or covered over ….. it’s mentally fatiguing. There’s endless texting, emailing, taking phone calls. There are last-minute cancellations. There is a tiny minority who do not pay and still attend your classes.

It has always worked out in the end and I make a bit of profit from my time spent teaching classes – once rent and travel costs have been paid. (I dare not cost my time spent promoting and planning classes). I always feel proud to start a new term. I also feel nervous as I do my best to share my knowledge and bring the benefits of pilates those who make the effort to come.

I’m one of those with many careers; I’ve had three distinctly different careers thus far – pilates teacher, library work and freelance editor/designer. I still do the latter (www.wordworks.net if you’re interested!)

So, I’ll keep breathing deeply, keep my cool, keep taking names and hope that enough of you commit to attending classes to make it worthwhile for me to keep teaching!