Returning to my roots

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  ― Albert Einstein I have always loved this quote; this particular January, however, it has special resonance for me as I slip my full attention back to the world […]

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Tips for office workers

Here are tips for people whose work or lifestyle means they are forever staring at a screen. Sedentary work and computer use means you are liable to become stiff in neck and hips. You can take steps to improve your own office ergonomics by working with desk height, chair type and height and position of

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Two great pilates tips

1. Tighten from inside out and bottom up! When you engage your core muscles (starting with a squeeze of the pelvic floor muscles, then recruiting the lower abdominals), you can visualise your strength growing from the inside out and spiralling upwards. You can do this even from sitting (waiting for traffic lights to change, for

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Foot cramps

Ouch! I am used to recognising the distress in someone’s face when a muscle cramp strikes during Pilates class. These involuntary spasms of muscles are very uncomfortable and will stop you in your tracks. The more intense cramps can take a few days to recover from, but they are generally short-lived. They mostly happen in

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Pilates works.

Many of my weekly mat clients regularly report with guilt that they haven’t done anything since the last week’s class. STOP FEELING GUILTY! CONGRATULATE YOURSELF ON DOING ONE GOOD WORKOUT A WEEK! The good news is that one a week makes a difference over time. See the following testimonials just in: TESTIMONIAL ONE “I’ve been

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Finding energy and awareness

Summertime?! With the wet, drippy weather on the Monday of the holiday weekend, it’s hard to believe it’s early August. But I am happy to report that my batteries are recharged after a wonderful July…… I am really energised and excited to be starting another new term of pilates and movement classes in early September.

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