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Are you still breathing well?

I’ve had a wonderful summer this year – I loved the warm weather and made the most of it even if just at home, i.e. not on holidays.

I discovered the joy of immersing myself in the normally freezing water of a nearby stream! I revelled in the feeling of warm air on my skin at 10pm. I enjoyed seeing flowers thrive differently in such unusual conditions – some blooms outdoing themselves while others shrivelled and died.

I also got away for the third year running to a community ecocamp, (earthsong.ie) where we lived close to nature, sleeping under vinyl (wouldn’t canvas sound better!?) There, I got the chance to do lots of different movement classes, yoga and others. Very interesting…. I’m always learning. There is always some nuance to take on board.

The one common thread to so many movement disciplines is the breath. Keep coming back to your breath. Use it to ground yourself, to be in your own body. Without the exchange of oxygen that takes place automatically as we breathe, we’d be dead within a few minutes. Most of us don’t pay any attention to the act of breathing.

I’m not recommending that we breathe with awareness all the time, no, but do stop periodically and ask yourself whether you are still breathing well. This is especially useful if you’re engaged in some stressful activity – preparing to go to work, facing a load of laundry, thinking about the shopping (… I could go on!)

Lift your heart and crown, drop your shoulders and lengthen your neck, focus on making your exhalation longer each time and the inhalation will naturally become fuller.

Look at a diagram of your lungs – visualise the air you take in coming into all the little alveoli. These are the tiny, balloon-shaped air sacs at the end of the respiratory tree and are arranged in clusters throughout the lungs.

Further along, notice the involvement of your pelvis, abdomen and ribs in the breathing action.

As you exhale, draw your low abdomen in and upwards. As you inhale, imagine you are in fact breathing in through your perineum (between anus and genitals). As you exhale next, seek again the in and upward pull of your low abdomen. Keep it gentle, about 20% of maximum.

The breath of life. Learn to breathe deeply and calmly.




Finding energy and awareness

hulahoopingSummertime?! With the wet, drippy weather on the Monday of the holiday weekend, it’s hard to believe it’s early August. But I am happy to report that my batteries are recharged after a wonderful July…… I am really energised and excited to be starting another new term of pilates and movement classes in early September.

I admit that I often find summer a bit challenging. I am sure I am not alone in that? All the hopes for good weather, kids off school, holiday expectations, insect bites, noisy tractors on small roads, and so on. I generally prefer the in-between seasons of spring and autumn.

But this summer was different for me. I am just back from a deeply relaxing, inspiring break. With my husband and one daughter, we were camping with about 500 others off-the-grid for nine days (no electrical power whatsoever), sharing great food cooked over open fires. The weather was kind to us: no heavy rain, no really chilly days and some warm sunshine. Another positive aspect is that we didn’t have to travel far from home, no stressful airports or long journeys.

Every day was full of wonderful music and interesting exchanges of ideas. My days mostly started with the ancient ‘Dance of Life’, symbolic of our connection with the earth and nature. I did lots of fantastic yoga and movement workshops; I did multi-part harmony singing that often took me into a deep meditative state; I learnt basic drumming techniques (loved it) and I heard seasoned drummers and percussionists that made me dance, dance, DANCE!

I will sustain this energy in positive ways throughout the coming days, weeks and months. I feel empowered by all I have learned this summer. I feel aware and conscious in my body and my life.

Life can be hard. We all have to learn how to be kind to ourselves, how to love ourselves so we can love others. There are little things we can do everyday to nourish our bodies and souls. Good movement and good food, along with learning to relax and bring loving thoughts into your heart.

On a practical note: I am taking bookings for my pilates and movement classes from Monday 22nd August onwards; existing clients get first option and then I’ll be opening to anyone who wishes to join in. I look forward to meeting my pilates peeps again soon and welcoming new joiners!

Eimear x

pilates lift

Lift the crown of the head while dropping the shoulders

liftOne of areas of difficulty I regularly observe in my clients is in the shoulders and neck.

Many people are habitually tense in the shoulders. The head is often held forward, out of alignment with the cervical spine. All those hours staring at a smartphone, doing computer work – or slouching starting with the lumbar spine – take their toll.

Muscles at the back of the neck and shoulders tend to become elongated while others at the front get tighter and shortened.

It takes good focus and practice to release and drop the shoulders into a good place, while releasing upwards through the very top of your skull.

Carrying a weight on the crown of the head as many African women do out of necessity for essentials such as water is luckily not asked of us in our privileged lives. But we can learn from how these women move. Imagine you are carrying a basket of roses.

The disciplined shoulder and neck movements of pilates really help to rebalance our elongated and shortened neck muscles. Over time, pilates restores equilibrium.

Where pilates really helps is with getting an ongoing sense of your posture. It is not a quick fix but something that grows and becomes part of your everyday being.