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Moderate matwork

Nothing too fancy here, a moderate mat class that should be accessible to anyone able to get down and up off the mat. Nice balance of releasing twists and core strength building moves. Some bodyweight bearing on wrists in plank and leg pull prep, but – as with all Pilates moves – you can make …

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Essential mat class (50 mins)

Come back to the essentials to awaken those small, deep postural muscles; you’ll also waken the big muscles groups too. Mostly on the mat; last 10 minutes upright. Props: cushion(s) and optionally light hand weights.

Restorative mat

All mat classes restore me and my body, so what’s different here? Not much really, but it starts nice and slow. It’s over in under 50 mins, with very little neck flexion, plus lots rotation and release. Options for more challenge are offered, so you can omit what you might not find agreeable and simply …

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Ball and bodyweight

Moderate workout. Small ball is used to support your back and also to create an unstable base so more of your deep muscles fire up.

Moderate workout, with flex band

This is a moderate, 55-minute class using medium strength, long flexband or ‘theraband’ provides. This stretchy band provides both resistance and support – so you get both concentric but eccentric muscle benefits – as you get while doing Pilates on a reformer (large piece of equipment with springs). It also facilates mobility like roll down …

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Level 1 (small ball used)

Level 1 Pilates for strength and stretch. Small ball is used for instability and support, but you could omit or use large cushion. Circa 50 mins.

Mixed level, no props

Solid, mixed level mat class that will move your body in all planes. Just under 50 minutes.

Steady pace and flow with small ball

The small ball is probably my favourite prop, so it shows up a lot! Plenty of different approaches to using the ball to make this workout flow. Give it a go!