Video Tag: ~20 minutes

Hips: gentle side-lying

This is an easy, short video that will free up and mobilise hip joints, strengthen all-important side glute muscle (glute med) and work your inner and outer thigh muscles.

Short and focused

Short and focused workout (14 mins) with great essential and intermediate moves on mat. Makes use of hand weights and cushion to assist. NOT SUITABLE for those with disk herniation or osteoporosis as it includes plenty of loaded flexion (eg. half roll back, rollover, saw)!

Balance training

Short video: warm-up exercises for feet and ankles to prepare for balancing on one leg. Build balance training into your everyday. Old adage is true: use it or lose it!

23-minute blast

Fast-paced , full body session that will leave you feeling nicely worked out in the PIlates way! About level 2, but nothing too hectic.

Pilates using wall (intermediate)

This 20-minute workout uses the wall for feedback, for support and – most importantly – for finding oppositional length! While this is a level 2 or intermediate class, you can modify and make the movement experience work for you! Note, not suitable if you have osteoporosis!

Get on down: 16-min blast

Quick run-through of ab series, hip lift, plus side-lying series, mermaid and a bit more to feel connected and get your blood flowing. Level 1.

Bone health + balance: standing

Osteoporosis or osteopenia? In less than 20-minutes, you’ll safely mobilise the feet, knees and hips – along with arms and upper body (using small hand weights, 800 or 900 grams ideal). Keeping the joints and muscles in the feet, ankles, legs and hips strong and mobile is key to balance. Side stepping with directional change …

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Quick post-hols reset

This short Pilates workout hits the reset button, with the tried and tested moves that mobilise the spine and awaken key muscles. Level 1. Only prop is a sitting block (or book / cushion). NB: it involves flexion with rotation (in the Saw); avoid if you have any disk herniation. Even if you don’t, always …

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