A ‘Rolls-Royce Rack’: new name for the Reformer?

pilates reformer instruction

pilates reformer instructionMy dearest OH [my husband] reluctantly took his first session of pilates on the ‘Reformer’ with me recently…. not him in the photo!

I know some people have no idea what Pilates is, never mind what a Reformer is. (Read FAQ for background info on Pilates itself.) But let me explain that a Reformer is a well-engineered machine where your body weight and controlled resistance from springs enhances the experience of pilates. The Reformer can make movement easier and safer if you are in recovery or are older, but it can equally challenge and achieve more precise muscle targeting if you are fit and strong. In short, the Reformer is an amazing piece of kit.

Anyway back to my OH….. he is an active, outdoorsy type. Unfortunately he is a bit overweight around the middle as he loves many of the wrong types of food and seems to have a slow metabolism. Perhaps this is why he has always disliked the name, ‘Reformer’? Does he object to the idea of his body being ‘reformed’. Maybe it reminds him of a bossy teacher in school, who knows?

Nonetheless, he was definitely curious when I took delivery of my brand new STOTT PILATES Rehab reformer in early April, and finally agreed to try it out this morning. The good news is that … yes, he liked it! He had thought it was some kind of torture machine (it does look a bit like one) and he was fearful of how difficult it might be.

After his first session, he has renamed my ‘Reformer’ the ‘Rolls-Royce Rack’. Good name or not?

‘Rolls-Royce’ because of the beauty of the engineering and the smooth movement of the carriage, and ‘Rack’ because of the way he felt it stretched his body – not in an unpleasant way.

We only had one little husband-wifey spat where I thought he was not listening and thus not following my direction, while at the same time, he said I was not being clear enough. [Note, I am still practice teaching.]

Let’s hope my dear OH grows to appreciate and to love the ‘Rolls-Royce Rack’. I feel sure he can ‘reform’ his body – stretch and strengthen, lengthen and balance – improve his posture and thus protect his hips and spine for years to come.

My pilates journey continues!

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