50 is the new 30!

My 50th birthday is fast approaching. What? Me – F I F T Y ! ?
My teenage years were good fun. My 20s were even better! Sure, I had low moments at certain times, but my overriding memory is of fun, energy and excitement. When my first child came along (I was 34), I realised I was no longer a totally free spirit. I gazed in disbelief at the tiny face that I would get to know so well and realised I was or had to become ‘grown-up’ now; the responsibility is still often overwhelming.
I still feel sometimes like I am in my 20s. It’s good to linger in your happy memories. I have been blessed to keep having wonderful experiences in my life – thanks to the love and kindness of family and friends. And now I am officially in middle age.
What has kept me strong, and what will keep me strong for the next 50 is P I L A T E S (pee – la – tez). I was quietly bowled over after my first pilates class in 2006 (thanks Veronica Spicer for organising and Marie Louise for teaching).
Since 2010, I am a fully qualified, passionate pilates teacher. My life revolves around keeping informed about fitness and pilates, working out myself, continually exploring and learning AND sharing it with people who wish to learn how to stand tall, move with awareness, hold on to or regain your strength and flexibility.
Come join me! Connect with your body, stay strong in your life, stand tall, and smile!

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