From 1890 to 2015

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Just as healthy feet make for good alignment further up, so too will solid floor on this studio in the making. Renovation? Hmmm, more correctly, destruction and reconstruction to create a beautiful space for pilates at my home started on 2nd February. Very exciting. Also very disruptive and very dusty! But it’ll be worth it…….

Half of our old cottage (built around 1890) is getting a complete makeover to make a beautiful, well-insulated, well-finished private pilates studio. The sub-floor was laid on 6 February.

I have come a long way since I sampled my first-ever pilates class with wonderful teacher Marie Claire van Houten in the home of a lovely neighbour and friend (who is now a client) back in 2004.

My neighbour invited a few friends to try out pilates in her wonderful Georgian home. Apart from being an intense physical experience, the classes were very social – I loved the tea and chats that followed in the big country kitchen. My second daughter was only a baby at the time and I relished the social contact.

But, more importantly, a seed was sown in my head….. ‘I would like to teach pilates’. It would be a complete divergence from my career thus far. But I did it…. a lot of training, expenditure and practice later, and I am fully certified in STOTT Pilates for mat and reformer! I teach seven group mat classes each week and now plan to focus also on one-to-ones.

My new home studio will comfortably fit my V2Max Rehab Reformer. It is a hugely versatile piece of pilates equipment that can challenge the fittest of you, but can support and offer a safe way of strengthening to anyone recovering from injury or surgery.

I expect work to be finished by mid-March. Watch this space!