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Want toned arms + upper back?

Here’s a five-minute routine with hand weights. With repetition, this strengthens and tones the arm + upper back muscles. This is one you can do anywhere. Get inventive with sand-filled bottles if you don’t have proper hand weights; even doing without weights (make fists of hands instead) will be of some benefit to get the …

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Strengthen the rotator cuff muscles

Rotator cuff injuries are very common – the rotator cuff comprises four muscles working together to stabilise the glenohumeral joint. When one is injured or inflamed, it can result in shoulder instability and pain when moving arms. You need to keep the arms and shoulders moving in a pain-free range while firing up and strengthening …

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Awaken the back line!

Been sitting down for too long? Just over five minutes to energise and extend the upper back and both hips. Easy routine that will get glutes to fire up and help avoid the forward slump!

Four great moves for healthy feet

Do not allow your feet to stiffen up – immobile feet and ankles increase risk of pain and injury further up the chain. Stiff feet will reduce your balance and affect your gait! Show your feet some love with these simple moves!

Quick ab blast (5 mins)

It’s great to check in with your centre – reminds you that you’re strong! This short video takes you right there – toe taps, single leg stretch, double leg stretch, scissors and my version of slow double leg stretch. NB If you need to avoid upper body flexion or just prefer a ‘no neck’ ab …

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