~30 minutes

Slow & connected

Slow and connected, within 30 mins. First, standing warm-up, then down to mat. S l o w down to feel more, seriously ….. try it! Ticks all the boxes …. flexion, extension, side bending …. controlled from centre. Feel your ‘powerhouse’ – move from deep within. Pilates is always full body experience, and, after time […]

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ground + restore

Starting with mobilising + stretching the feet – the foundation of everything – and finishing with same at head / neck, this accesible, short workout was just what I needed at this busy time of the year! Only needs mat and cushion(s). Hope you find it similarly grounding and restorative.

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Loosen-up: hips and all over

Very accessible, yoga-inspired stretches. Starting seated to loosen-up feet, arms and torso. Then moving to the wall for stretch of back line (calves, back and shoulders) and to the ‘warrior’ hip flexor stretch. All preparing you for the lovely yoga sequence of Sun Salutation. All moves done nice and slowly, with explanations.

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Just move!

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish, this intermediate-level workout will stretch and energise you! I’m using a non-slip mat, grippy mat and recommend you do too. Less than 30 minutes – go on, give it a go!!

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