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Standing / barre: legs and arms

Level 1 class. This is about 30 minutes from a Zoom class, using the chair as a ballet barre. There’s footwork, glute & leg toning moves, plus a nice little routine to work those arms & shoulders (hand weights optional). NOTE: the warm up beforehand involves forward and side flexion so avoid that if you …

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Mini-mat routine (23 mins)

Get into your abs + obliques, release + extend you hips ‘n’ back in this short level 1 mat workout!

Just move!

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish, this intermediate-level workout will stretch and energise you! I’m using a non-slip mat, grippy mat and recommend you do too. Less than 30 minutes – go on, give it a go!!

Essential level Pilates

Work safely through the essential level Pilates repertoire to keep your spine healthy and body functioning well. No props used in this class.