Video Tag: ~30 minutes

Loosen-up: hips and all over

Very accessible, yoga-inspired stretches. Starting seated to loosen-up feet, arms and torso. Then moving to the wall for stretch of back line (calves, back and shoulders) and to the ‘warrior’ hip flexor stretch. All preparing you for the lovely yoga sequence of Sun Salutation. All moves done nice and slowly, with explanations.

Standing / barre: legs and arms

Level 1 class. This is about 30 minutes from a Zoom class, using the chair as a ballet barre. There’s footwork, glute & leg toning moves, plus a nice little routine to work those arms & shoulders (hand weights optional). NOTE: the warm up beforehand involves forward and side flexion so avoid that if you …

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Mini-mat routine (23 mins)

Get into your abs + obliques, release + extend you hips ‘n’ back in this short level 1 mat workout!

Just move!

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish, this intermediate-level workout will stretch and energise you! I’m using a non-slip mat, grippy mat and recommend you do too. Less than 30 minutes – go on, give it a go!!

Essential level Pilates

Work safely through the essential level Pilates repertoire to keep your spine healthy and body functioning well. No props used in this class.