Video Tag: ~10 minutes

Quickie with flexband

Level 1/2 mat workout with flexband, also known as theraband. Using a medium-resistance flexband here, about 1.8m long – it provides resistance and support in equal measure!

Standing moves

Are you more likely to start moving if you can keep your shoes on? Have orthotics and just feel more balanced wearing them? No problem. This 8-minute standing routine ticks a lot of boxes. shoes off or on. Far from perfect in execution, but it feels good!

Mobilise & strengthen hips & glutes

Short workout to mobilise and strengthen the whole body, with particular focus on releasing the hips and glutes. I used a Pilates block to make it easier to reach floor in a few moves, but you could perhaps improvise with a big book?

Easy Standing Routine

This short and easy standing routine will strengthen and stretch the feet, legs and hips! Only 10 minutes long, do this one whenever your feet feel tired!

Short standing routine

Strong, flexible feet and ankles are vital for balance and good gait patterns. This is an accessible standing routine to enliven feet, ankles, knees and hips. Some upper body release towards the end!

Balance, footwork and legwork

Wearing shoes detaches us from grounding through the feet and toes. Push down to the ground with awareness through all aspects of the feet and toes and you’ll find it helps big time with balance.

Easy Side-Lying Routine

Nice, easy side-lying routine: just over 10 minutes to work those hips, legs and glutes from side-lying position. Also, great to sense length on both sides of torso and work on equalising any imbalances. You get some side bends in and finish with lovely back-body stretch of pike or down dog. No props required.

10-min neck, shoulder and spinal mobility using wall + mat

Using the wall provides fantastic feedback for how your spine and ribcage is moving. This short routine moves from standing against a wall to being on your mat, You move entire spine, but there’s more emphasis on shoulder and thoracic mobility.

Focused, post-festive workout

Recorded just after Christmas with all its excesses, this 14-minute workout aims to reinvigorate the body, get your digestive juices flowing and move you in every plane. NB Do not do the rolling of rollback OR the twisting of saw exercise if they don’t feel right to you or you have any contraindications!