~10 minutes

Short standing routine

Easy standing routine that works your entire body from the ground up – feet, knees, hips, ribs, shoulders up to the head – in less than 10 minutes. Suitable for anyone, including if you have osteoporosis -EXCEPT be careful on the roll down at the very end. Caveat applies to listen always to your own […]

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Standing moves

Are you more likely to start moving if you can keep your shoes on? Have orthotics and just feel more balanced wearing them? No problem. This 8-minute standing routine ticks a lot of boxes. shoes off or on. Far from perfect in execution, but it feels good!

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Easy Side-Lying Routine

Nice, easy side-lying routine: just over 10 minutes to work those hips, legs and glutes from side-lying position. Also, great to sense length on both sides of torso and work on equalising any imbalances. You get some side bends in and finish with lovely back-body stretch of pike or down dog. No props required.

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