At-home Pilates mat (15mm)


The Studio Pro Pilates Mat is a super mat for Pilates at home. At 15mm thick, it offers great support for the spine and knees. The mat is double-sided and will not slide on the floor. Totally non-stretchy, so down-dog no problem! [Note: if you are looking for a mat to carry to class regularly you should consider the other mats I offer for sale: the 15mm Sissel mat or the lighter 10mm Pilates-Mad Core Fitness mat, both of which roll up neatly].



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Excellent 15mm mat for Pilates at home. The difference between this and the Sissel 15mm mat is that this one has advantage of not stretching; it provides really good grip for a down dog!  Equally good cushioning for knees or spine! More of a Studio mat, this one doesn’t roll up to move to different class venues!