Private Pilates in fully-equipped studio

Lagganstown Schoolhouse is now a dedicated Pilates studio; it is a beautiful space, not far from New Inn, Golden or Bansha and perfect for embodiment through movement. I am highly trained and experienced to teach Pilates for fitness and health, and for rehab + prehab.

I help you move with knowledge, fun and joy to discover internal strength and more mobility (no matter how seemingly small!)

By appointment, I welcome individuals for Pilates tailored to your individual needs. This could be on the mat or using reformer, tower and range of smaller equipment – as suits. Duets are arranged in person, but you can book privates online.

Pilates brings balance and strength 🤛🏻

Why pay more for Private Pilates?

Private Pilates is fundamental movement to carry you through life! Pilates restores flexibility, strength, muscle balance, proprioception and overall fitness if in healing phase. (Medical clearance is required post-surgery).

If you are leaning forward all day to phone, laptop or over sink,  you need to learn how to lift from your root, to relax head, neck and upper body. If you suffer low back pain, you may need to re-educate your pelvis and surrounding muscles, for example. Neck problems – look to feet!

What happens in a Private Pilates session?

Private Pilates is all about you. I observe your posture and movement patterns. Hear your story. I introduce you to the Pilates principles and how to feel them in your own body. I choose and teach you specific exercises that best suit your needs. Consistency is key; you should commit to five weeks at least. I also recommend movements that you should do in-between sessions.

If you have more questions check out FAQ, either call 086 8184218 or email me at